• nice little engine

    Nice Little Engine is my humble attempt for a graphics + physics engine. I will keep working on it until I actually make a game with it. You can take a look at project’s github repository.

  • mpu6050

    Simple MPU6050 reader for orange pi and raspberry pi This program will read gyro and accelerometer sensor data from MPU6050 imu and forward it to serial port, so you can work with the data on your development pc. In main.c mpu6050 is initialized with ±500 °/s gyro, ±4g accelerometer configurations. Following format is what you will … Read More

  • geodeasy Geodeasy is an open source toolkit for a set of basic and complicated geodetic computations. You can use its online tools, its public API or you can directly include its source code to your project. If you have any improvements, new features or if you’ve found any bugs or errors, feel free to submit … Read More

  • libimu Quaternion based (gimbal lock-safe), hardware independent IMU data processing library. Building libimu Following commands will build and install libimu on your system. Example use Here’s a simplified piece of code from demo.c. Following code is essentially all you need to compute the current orientation of the body. In application loop, ax, ay, az and gx, gy, gz have to … Read More